2021-2022 Updated Australian Visa Rights for International Students

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For over a decade, Australia has been the hub for Cyber Security, Data Science, and Information Technology students to land a job as soon as completing their bachelor's and master's courses. Unlike other countries, the Australian Government allows international students to work up to 40 hours a fortnight and full-time during semester holidays.

And guess what? International students working in Australia get the same legal and protective rights just like other full-time employees. Besides, the government is taking consistent measures to help international students seamlessly return to Australia through Temporary Graduate Visa to study and work after the COVID-19 restrictions.

With the Australian borders opening in December, Prime minister Scott Morrison has announced certain visa benefits and grants for International students entering Australia in December 2021. 

Want to know the perks? Read on!

1.Extension of the Temporary Graduate Visa 

 As a perk to International students coming to Australia for studying masters courses, the Morrison Government has planned to increase the duration of stay on the Temporary Graduate Visa. The current duration of the Temporary Graduate Visa is up to 2 years.

However, once the new policy is in effect, the duration will be extended for three years for Masters by coursework graduates. And guess what? Vocational Education and Training graduates will also be eligible to receive a two-year Temporary Graduate Visa.

2.Replacement Visa for Temporary Graduates (subclass 485)

International students who were unable to travel to Australia earlier due to the Covid 19 restrictions can apply for a replacement visa. Therefore, if your Temporary Graduate visa expired on or before 1st February 2020, you can reapply for a new subclass 485 visa for the duration as applied earlier. This provision is also applicable to students and temporary graduates who have enrolled in distant education.

Well, we hope this information helps you plan your journey to study in Australia in your favorite universities on-campus. The new visa regulations are much-needed relief for International students who have been anxious about the opportunities to study and work in Australia. So, go ahead and start applying to your desired universities/institutions right away.

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