Student Visa Requirements in New Zealand

Let us guide you through your New Zealand student visa application process for your higher education.

Student Visa for New Zealand from Vietnam

With its high standard of living, famous universities, and top-notch education, New Zealand has become one of the most popular study-abroad locations.

Universities in New Zealand will give you the chance to get an internationally recognised degree while participating in a welcoming international student community.

Here are the Student visa New Zealand requirements you need to meet to apply for the student visa in New Zealand

  • Acceptance into a New Zealand education institution
  • Financial requirements
  • Health check-up documents
  • English proficiency scores
  • Character & Conduct requirements

Types of New Zealand student visa

Visa Type
Fee Paying Student VISA
This VISA allows you to study in New Zealand for up to 4 years and also permits you to work during your stay.
Guardian of a Student Visitor VISA
This VISA is available to guardians or parents of international students studying in New Zealand. The duration of this VISA is determined by the child's student VISA.
Exchange Student VISA
This VISA is for international exchange students. It lasts up to 4 years in duration.
MFAT Funded NZ Scholarship VISA
Candidates who have received a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade may apply for this VISA type.
Student and Trainee Work VISA
Students who require practical training during their course can travel to New Zealand to obtain that knowledge. Candidates requiring medical or dental training, for example, can apply for this VISA type
Vocational Trainee Student VISA
This VISA is intended for candidates who wish to pursue professional training through a programme or scholarship administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Foreign Government Supported Student VISA
Candidates who have a loan or scholarship from a foreign government may apply for this VISA.
Pathway Student VISA
This allows students to study in New Zealand for three consecutive semesters on a single VISA. This VISA is valid for up to 5 years

New Zealand Student Visa Requirements

  • Here are the New Zealand Student Visa requirements that you need to meet to apply for a student visa in New Zealand from Vietnam:

    • An offer letter from an approved education provider
    • A valid passport for at least a period of three months beyond your stay in New Zealand
    • Two passport-sized photographs 
    • Completed Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012)
    • The receipt of your visa application fee
    • Proof of payment of tuition fees or sufficient funds to pay the fees
    • Documents proving that you have sufficient funds to live there
    • If your course is longer than 36 weeks, a valid proof of at least NZD $15,000 is required.

Additional documents

  •  Documents or certificates from institutions that you have attended.
  •  Score sheets from English tests such as TOEFLGRE, or GMAT, etc.

New Zealand student visa application process

The official website for New Zealand Immigration accepts online applications for student visa. You may apply for it 120 days before the start of your programme or course. You will receive an email informing you of the results of your visa application after completing your online application. You will be informed through email if and when you may pick up your visa.
According to the New Zealand Government's official immigration website, students submitting their student visa application online must pay 330 NZD + 20 NZD.

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When it comes to visas, the process and outcomes can be very daunting for a lot of people. You need a team you can trust to give you the right guidance on documentation and process.

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How much does a student visa cost in New Zealand?

According to the official immigration site of the New Zealand Government, students submitting their student visa application online are expected to pay an amount of 330 NZD + 20 NZD (application fees).

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With the Master of Nursing Practice program, I will be able to fulfill my career goal. The program involves intensified clinical practice, which I believe is the best way to enhance one’s knowledge of the discipline. Activities which involve discussion of the global perspectives of nursing will equip me with knowledge to be a globally competitive nurse.

I will take Advanced Diploma of Information Technology at Southern Cross Education Institute as a continuation of the course I have studied here in the Vietnam that gained me a vocational education. I wanted to study this course because I know that what I will learn from their curriculum can be used to my advantage once I apply for a job in my home county or in Japan.  

I believe that the AHIC is the best place for me to get my education because their school’s vision is directly aimed at overseas students of different nationalities, like myself. They are best-suited to provide me with well-rounded training that also considers cultural diversity. Through them, I am confident that I would be able to reach my full potential and achieve my goals in advancing my career.

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), which offers a course in Early Childhood Education and Care.  The institute has high quality education, which provides the most up -to-date techniques and effective teaching strategies, and I believe that is what I need to help me shape my career

AECC Global provided great assistance on my student visa application in Melbourne, Australia. They made sure that I was on the right track as I extended my visa and kept me updated on the application process. Additionally, the team has been very approachable and always there to answer all my queries.
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