Why Study in UK?

  • According to the World University Rankings, the United Kingdom has three of the top ten universities in the world, making it a popular study destination for students from all over the world.

  • One of the key advantages that you can get if you study in the UK  is that your degree will be recognized by all major governments and corporations throughout the world. Higher education degrees from UK colleges are highly regarded around the world, and you can choose from a wide range of programs.

  • A degree from any British university will look fantastic on a CV, and having qualifications from the United Kingdom will be a huge selling point in the future, regardless of industry or destination.

  • The most compelling reason to study in the United Kingdom is that its higher education institutions are internationally renowned for their innovative and demanding environments that push students to reach their best potential. Their standards are rigorous, and they constantly rank among the top universities in the world, with expertise in a wide range of academic fields. In the United Kingdom, you can earn a degree in shorter time than in other countries. The United Kingdom's universities are noted for their excellent academic standards. So you can count on a job wherever you go!

The UK Education System

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular foreign study locations for international students since it is home to four attractive countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The United Kingdom's education system is renowned across the world for its high quality, innovative teaching methods, top-ranked universities, and high levels of student happiness. In worldwide university rankings such as QS World Rankings, Times Higher Education Rankings, and Academic Ranking of World Universities, universities in the United Kingdom typically rank high. Furthermore,top universities in UK offer degrees that are internationally recognized and sought after by companies.

The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is a non-profit organization based in the United Kingdom whose main goal is to set, monitor, and protect the country's higher education standards. As a result, around 90 of the best universities in the United Kingdom are included in the QS World UK University Rankings.

Its graduates' job reflects the prestige of their higher education. Many well-known people from UK institutions have garnered international acclaim for their achievements in a range of sectors. Students in UK institutions will surely gain a multitude of skills, as well as increased employability, as a result of cutting-edge infrastructure and research facilities.


How much money is required to study in the UK?

The amount you pay in tuition fees depends on the type of degree you want to get and the university or school you go to. Several famous universities and colleges in the United Kingdom have unique tuition policies. Furthermore, cost of studying in the UK is determined by your academic level as well as where you study in the country(different regulations apply in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales).

Courses in the humanities, arts, and education are often less expensive, whereas medicine and engineering are more likely to be more expensive. Tuition costs are often higher at the postgraduate level, and costs vary depending on the program. MBA programs in the United States, like those in most other countries, are often the most expensive.


Study expenses in UK for international students
Average annual fee
Bachelor degree
GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 per year
Master's degree
GBP 10,000 to GBP 20,000 per year
Doctoral degree
GBP 15,000 to GBP 24,000 per year

How to get UK student visa from Vietnam?

The United Kingdom is home to some of the world's most prestigious universities. The United Kingdom has retained its status as one of the most important study destinations, with thousands of students applying to study there. It has done so by providing world-class infrastructure and education that meets the highest international standards.

The United Kingdom is a melting pot for people from about 140 different countries, making it one of the world's most tolerant cosmopolitan cultures.

Here are the essential conditions for obtaining a UK student Visa. Your UK student visa application might require these documents for processing 

Education documents 

Financial requirements

English proficiency test scores

Sound Physical & Mental health

Types of UK student visas for Vietnamese students 

The type of visa is determined by the course chosen. The following is information on the requirements for a UK student visa application

Student visa: This is a visa that allows you to study for a short period of time. When applying for a Short-term study visa in the United Kingdom, The University's CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter confirms admission.

A proof of financial statements to cover living and study costs in the United Kingdom will be required along with this.


Overseas Student Health Cover insurance to study in the UK from Vietnam?

The National Health Service, or NHS, is an international student health insurance system run by the United Kingdom. If you have a tier 4 student visa and are studying in the UK for six months or longer, you may be eligible for the NHS benefit as an international student.

You will enjoy the same benefits as UK nationals if you qualify for NHS foreign student health insurance.

Even before they arrive at their location, students should acquire international student health insurance. If the applicant intends to stay in the UK for at least six months, an immigration health surcharge will be added to the cost of a tier 4 student visa application.

Best Universities in UK for Vietnam Students?

With hundreds of institutions to select from in the United Kingdom, it might be tough to find one that meets your needs. But don't worry; we've put together a list of the best universities in the UK that might become your second home shortly.

The University of Central Lancashire, University of Greenwich, Swansea University, University of Northampton, University of Plymouth, Coventry University, University of Warwickshire , University of Birmingham , Birmingham City University , University of Lincoln, University of Bradford , Portsmouth University, and Northumbria University are few among the top universities in the UK

Top Courses to Study in the UK

The United Kingdom is renowned for having the world's best education system. In addition to its strong educational system, the United Kingdom is well-known for the wide number of courses and disciplines available to overseas students. The British excel in teaching a variety of courses, and we'll look at the best courses to study in the UK!

Finance & Accounting

Because of the ever-increasing global corporate opportunities, the demand for a professional accounting degree is growing by the day. There are a variety of degrees available in this field of study, and universities in the UK offer both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Undergraduate Legal Studies

It should come as no surprise that a law graduate from the United Kingdom is exceptionally gifted and well-respected. One of the most popular courses to study in the United Kingdom is the law. The courses have been developed to strengthen students' introspective abilities through a variety of on-field practical tasks


Students seeking outstanding research possibilities, internationally recognized programs, and a diverse academic environment might choose medical schools in the United Kingdom. The country has a reputation unlike any other when it comes to course practices in the industry.


How to apply for scholarships in the UK from Vietnam students

The United Kingdom, which is known for its excellent educational standards and for being one of the best locations to live in the world, offers a large number of popular scholarships for international students, as well as an interesting study experience.

There are a variety of financial support options available to overseas students to help fund their education in the United Kingdom. Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, monetary prizes, and loans, among other things, fall under this category.

Every year, the availability of several scholarships in the United Kingdom for Vietnamese students from both government and privately held universities drives student growth.

A few government-sponsored overseas scholarships for vietnamese students to study in the United Kingdom are listed below.

Chevening Scholarships.Outstanding students from Chevening-eligible countries around the world are granted Chevening Scholarships.

Those studying a one-year master's degree in the United Kingdom are eligible for the Chevening Program.A Chevening Scholarship offers full scholarships to study in the uk which means it covers all travel, living, and course costs. As a result, students are free to concentrate on getting the most out of their once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships 

Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded to talented students from Commonwealth countries that are still developing. These scholarships are available to students interested in pursuing a master's degree in the United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission (CSC) is a non-departmental executive organization funded by the United Kingdom's Department for International Development (DFID). They are in charge of distributing scholarship cash to international students.

The to and fro airfare, test and tuition fees, and thesis grants are among the perks of this scholarship, which are subject to eligibility.

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

Tuition fees for international undergraduate and postgraduate degrees range from roughly £10,000 (US$14,130) to £30,000 (US$53,700) or more for medical degrees, depending on the university you choose to attend.

How to study in UK without IELTS?

You can study in the UK without taking the IELTS. If you apply to certain universities that have certain prerequisites, such as proof of over 60% in English in Class XI and XII, an undergraduate degree in English, or a pre-sessional language course open to international students, The University of Central Lancashire, University of Greenwich, Swansea University, University of Northampton, University of Plymouth, Portsmouth University, and Northumbria University are among the top UK universities that do not require IELTS.

IELTS isn't the only way a university can assess an applicant's English competence. If you haven't taken the IELTS exam, universities in the United Kingdom offer various options. Consider the following IELTS substitute criteria supplied by UK universities:

Some colleges may need you to participate in an online interview to test your English abilities.

Some universities will use your high school grades instead of IELTS if you received a grade of 70 percent or higher in English. Universities, on the other hand, have established their own standards for certain courses. Experts at AECC Global can provide you with more detailed information.

If you studied English as a major specialization throughout your undergraduate degree, you are exempt from taking the IELTS exam.

Pre-sessional English Course: As previously stated, several institutions provide pre-sessional English courses for students who wish to study in the UK without the IELTS exam, and who can enroll in these courses after being accepted into their desired degree or diploma program.

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I knew AECC through a friend's recommendation. Because at first, I was quite vague about the study abroad route, so I just called to ask about studying abroad. Unexpectedly, the counselors are so thoughtful (What I love most is that from consulting to support for admission and Visa application, all are free). Thanks to that, I have found my study path and my loving school. Thank you very much at AECC. "Slightly showing off _ I still have a scholarship"

With the Master of Nursing Practice program, I will be able to fulfill my career goal. The program involves intensified clinical practice, which I believe is the best way to enhance one’s knowledge of the discipline. Activities which involve discussion of the global perspectives of nursing will equip me with knowledge to be a globally competitive nurse.

I will take Advanced Diploma of Information Technology at Southern Cross Education Institute as a continuation of the course I have studied here in the Vietnam that gained me a vocational education. I wanted to study this course because I know that what I will learn from their curriculum can be used to my advantage once I apply for a job in my home county or in Japan.  

I believe that the AHIC is the best place for me to get my education because their school’s vision is directly aimed at overseas students of different nationalities, like myself. They are best-suited to provide me with well-rounded training that also considers cultural diversity. Through them, I am confident that I would be able to reach my full potential and achieve my goals in advancing my career.

Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT), which offers a course in Early Childhood Education and Care.  The institute has high quality education, which provides the most up -to-date techniques and effective teaching strategies, and I believe that is what I need to help me shape my career

AECC Global provided great assistance on my student visa application in Melbourne, Australia. They made sure that I was on the right track as I extended my visa and kept me updated on the application process. Additionally, the team has been very approachable and always there to answer all my queries.

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