Scholarships in Australia
Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in Australia
and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Scholarships in Australia
Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in Australia and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Scholarships in Australia

Australia isn't just about kangaroos, the outback, and mesmerising beaches. It has consistently emerged as a leading education destination, and particularly for Vietnam, the proximity and cordial international relations have only enhanced its allure. Scholarships in Australia play a pivotal role in this, acting as bridges that not only reduce financial strain but also foster academic and personal growth. This comprehensive guide dives into the intricate world of Australian scholarships, shedding light on the plethora of opportunities that await Vietnamese students.


Types of Scholarships in Australia

Australia's commitment to fostering international academic collaboration is evident in its diverse scholarship landscape. Catering to a wide array of needs and aspirations, Australian scholarships for Vietnamese students are broadly categorised as:

  • Government-funded scholarships: These scholarships, provided by the Australian government, aim to bolster international relations. They often focus on areas of research that align with national priorities or global challenges, ensuring that the resulting academic work contributes meaningfully to the global community.
  • Non-government funded scholarships: Organisations beyond the government umbrella also recognise the importance of international education. These could be philanthropic entities, private corporations, or international organisations. They often target specialised fields or aim to bolster diversity in certain academic areas.
  • University-funded scholarships: Australian universities, many of which rank among the world's best, offer scholarships to attract global talent. Whether you're from the arts, sciences, or humanities background, there's probably a scholarship tailored for you.

With these options, Australia ensures that deserving students, regardless of their financial background, have an opportunity to study in Australia.

Popular Scholarships to Study in Australia for Vietnam Students

The deep-rooted academic ties between Vietnam and Australia have given birth to numerous scholarships specifically for Vietnamese students. These scholarships not only emphasise academic prowess but also focus on fostering leadership and community engagement:

  • Australia Awards Scholarship: This scholarship isn't just about financial aid. It’s a commitment to Vietnamese students who showcase the potential to spearhead change and contribute to Vietnam's socio-economic progress post their education.
  • Destination Australia Program: Regional Australia is a treasure trove of experiences and learning. This scholarship, beyond just aiding with finances, encourages students to immerse themselves in the Australian culture, deepening the bond between both nations.
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarships: Designed for the brightest minds who wish to delve into research, these scholarships often come with opportunities to collaborate on projects that have both national and global significance.

With an array of scholarships in Australia, Vietnamese students are increasingly realising their academic dreams in the Australian context.

Government-Funded Scholarships in Australia for Vietnam Students

The Australian government's investment in education goes beyond its borders, as is evident by the scholarships tailored for international students, particularly those from Vietnam:

Name of the Scholarship


Average Scholarship Amount (in AUD)

Australia Awards Scholarship

Vietnamese nationals with a Bachelor’s degree, aged between 18-45

AUD 25,000

Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarships

Master’s/PhD aspirants from Vietnam

AUD 28,000

Destination Australia

Vietnamese students with confirmed enrollment in regional institutions

AUD 15,000

Australia University Scholarships

Australia’s universities are renowned globally for their research, curriculum, and holistic development opportunities. The scholarships they offer are a testament to their commitment to fostering global talent:

Name of the university

Name of the scholarship


Average scholarship amount (in USD)

University of Sydney

Sydney Scholars Awards

Students showcasing outstanding academic prowess


University of Melbourne

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

Students with a record of academic merit and holistic achievements


Australian National University

ANU College of Business & Economics International Partnership Scholarship

Vietnamese nationals with a robust academic background


Beyond these scholarships, many universities offer program-specific, faculty-specific, and even country-specific scholarships to cater to a diverse student scholarship australia

Need in-depth information on scholarships? Don't hesitate. Contact AECC today and chart out your academic journey in Australia!


Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Australia for International Students

Australia’s reputation for high-quality education draws thousands of international students every year. For Vietnamese undergraduates, the journey to acquiring a degree in Australia is made smoother thanks to a variety of scholarships designed to recognise merit, foster diversity, and strengthen ties between the two nations. Here's a deeper look at the most sought-after undergraduate scholarships:

  • Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship: Offered by the University of Sydney, this prestigious award celebrates students who've excelled in their academic pursuits. Vietnamese students who've demonstrated both strong academic abilities and a broader contribution to their community stand a good chance to avail amounts ranging up to AUD 40,000 towards their tuition fees.
  • International Undergraduate Full Tuition Scholarship: University of Technology Sydney offers this to Vietnamese students who've shown exceptional academic prowess. As the name suggests, it covers the full tuition, making it one of the most coveted scholarships.
  • Monash International Merit Scholarship: Monash University, located in Melbourne, grants this scholarship to deserving Vietnamese students. Those with a track record of outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities, and extracurricular involvement are most likely to benefit from this scholarship.
  • La Trobe Academic Excellence Scholarships: Aimed at high-achievers across the globe, La Trobe University offers this scholarship, which can provide benefits from 10% to 25% reduction on annual tuition fees. Vietnamese students with a history of academic excellence and other achievements can certainly aim for this to lessen their financial load.
  • Griffith Remarkable Scholarship: Griffith University, with campuses sprinkled across beautiful Australian east coast locations, offers this scholarship to undergraduate students who've displayed a high level of academic excellence and dedication in their studies. Vietnamese students can avail up to 50% of tuition fees for the duration of their degree.

Masters Degree Scholarships in Australia for International Students

Australia is a favoured study destination, and it's no surprise given its excellent academic reputation and the allure of its diverse landscapes. If you’re an international student eyeing a Master's degree in Australia, you're in luck. There are plenty of scholarship opportunities that can help ease the financial burden. This not only makes studying in Australia more accessible but also showcases the nation's commitment to fostering global educational ties.

  1. Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

Funded by the Australian Government, these scholarships are intended for students from developing countries, particularly those located within the Indo-Pacific region.

Eligibility: Varies based on country and course, but generally, academic merit and the potential to contribute to development upon returning home are considered.

Scholarship Amount: Covers full tuition, living expenses, airfare, and more.

  1. Endeavour Leadership Program

This program offers scholarships for high-achieving students, researchers, and professionals to pursue studies or professional development.

Eligibility: Academic excellence, potential leadership skills, and alignment with Australian priorities.

Scholarship Amount: Up to AUD 140,500 for Master's or PhD.

  1. University-Specific Scholarships

Most Australian universities offer their scholarships for international postgraduate students. These are generally based on academic merit.

Example: The University of Sydney International Scholarships (USydIS) provides scholarships for international students undertaking postgraduate research.

Eligibility: Strong academic credentials, recommendations, and sometimes, a demonstrated need for financial assistance.

Scholarship Amount: Varies – can range from a fee discount to a full tuition waiver with a stipend.

  1. Destination Australia Program

Overview: Introduced by the Australian Government, this program aims to support both domestic and international students studying in regional Australia.

Eligibility: Enroll in a full-time postgraduate course at a regional campus of a participating Australian university.

Scholarship Amount: Up to AUD 15,000 per year.

  1. Joint Academic Scholarships Online Network (JASON)

Overview: A shared database of postgraduate scholarships for international students wishing to study in Australia.

Eligibility: Depends on the particular scholarship chosen.

Scholarship Amount: Varies based on the scholarship.

  1. Research Training Program (RTP)

This is a dedicated scholarship for Masters by research or Doctorate students.

Eligibility: Offered based on academic merit, research potential, and research areas.

Scholarship Amount: Can cover tuition fees, provide a stipend for general living costs, and offer allowances related to the ancillary cost of research degrees.

MBA Scholarships to Study in Australia for International Students

The MBA, a sought-after degree, is widely considered as a gateway to vast professional opportunities. When pursued in Australia, its value multiplies, given the nation's prestigious business schools and its vibrant business ecosystem. For Vietnamese aspirants, several MBA scholarships can provide significant financial relief:

  • AGSM Global Reach Scholarship: The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) offers this scholarship for international students, including Vietnamese, based on both merit and financial need. Successful candidates can receive significant reductions on their tuition fees.
  • Melbourne Business School Scholarship: Recognising global talent, Melbourne Business School offers a wide range of scholarships for MBA aspirants based on academic excellence, leadership qualities, and the potential to contribute positively to the business community.
  • QUT Executive MBA Scholarship: Queensland University of Technology offers this for executives showing leadership promise. It covers around 50% of the tuition fees.

Pursuing an MBA in Australia doesn't only equip students with business acumen but also instills a global perspective, thanks to Australia's diverse business environment and its position in the Asia-Pacific region.

PhD Scholarships to Study in Australia for International Students

Australia's research ecosystem is recognised worldwide, making it a hub for doctoral candidates. Vietnamese research scholars can tap into several scholarships to facilitate their academic journey:

  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP): This is a flagship scholarship for doctoral candidates. It covers tuition, provides a living stipend, and even takes care of certain supplementary expenses.
  • Endeavour Research Scholarship: Aimed at supporting high-achieving international research students, this scholarship assists with tuition fees, travel and health insurance, and offers a monthly stipend.

University-specific Scholarships: Almost every major Australian university offers scholarships to international PhD candidates based on academic merit and research potential.


How to Apply for Scholarships in Australia?

Navigating the process of scholarship applications can be daunting, but with systematic planning, it becomes seamless. Here's a detailed roadmap:

  • Extensive Research: This is the cornerstone. List down all scholarships for which you qualify. Resources include Australian government websites, university portals, educational forums, and consultancies like AECC.
  • Understand the Requirements: Every scholarship has distinct criteria. Some might be based solely on academic merit, while others might emphasise community involvement or leadership qualities.
  • Gather Documentation:
    • Academic Transcripts: Highlighting your educational journey.
    • Letters of Recommendation: Preferably from professors or professionals who can attest to your skills and character.
    • Statement of Purpose (SoP): A crucial document where you articulate your aspirations and reasons for choosing a particular course or university.
    • CV/Resume: Updated and tailored to emphasise relevant achievements and experiences.
    • Research Proposals (for research programs): A clear, structured overview of your intended research.
    • Proof of Proficiency in English: Like IELTS, TOEFL scores, if required.
  • Application Process:
    • Online Portals: Universities typically have dedicated portals for scholarship applications.
    • Essays: Some scholarships demand essays on specified topics. Ensure they're original, engaging, and devoid of errors.
    • Interviews: Be it face-to-face or virtual, be prepared to discuss your aspirations, achievements, and how the scholarship aligns with your goals.
  • Regular Follow-ups: After submitting your application, it's advisable to follow up, ensuring your application is complete and under consideration.
  • Fee Management: While numerous scholarships don't necessitate application fees, some do. Always check and arrange for the payment, if necessary.


Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for Scholarships

Competition for scholarships is intense, but with strategic planning and preparation, you can bolster your chances:

  • Prioritise Early Preparation: The early bird catches the worm. Familiarise yourself with scholarship timelines and begin preparations well in advance.
  • Diversify Your Skillset: Apart from academics, scholarship committees are often impressed by candidates with diverse skills. Participate in workshops, online courses, or internships related to your field.
  • Be Genuine in Your Application: Authenticity resonates. Whether it's your Statement of Purpose or an essay, let your genuine aspirations and experiences shine through.
  • Seek Feedback: Before final submission, have a mentor, teacher, or peers review your application. Fresh eyes might spot areas for improvement.
  • Engage in Community Services: Many scholarship boards appreciate candidates who give back to society. Volunteering experiences can be a valuable addition to your application.
  • Stay Informed: Scholarship guidelines, deadlines, or requirements might change. Regularly check your emails, the scholarship website, and be in touch with the university's scholarship department.
  • Prepare for Interviews: If there's an interview process, practice common scholarship interview questions. Highlight how the scholarship aligns with your long-term goals.
  • Network: Engage with past scholarship recipients or current students. They might offer insights, tips, or share their experiences, giving you an edge.

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