Top universities in the UK

When it comes to studying in a country with a diversified population and a reputation for outstanding education, what other place could be a better choice than the UK? The UK has always been the primary choice for students aspiring to study abroad. Each year, the UK welcomes nearly 100,000 foreign students, maintaining the country's high popularity...

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Pre-Master Qualification In The UK

It is a dream for any student wishing to pursue a postgraduate degree to study at a top UK university. When you study in a new country you get an opportunity to equip yourself with soft skills in addition to what you learn in your course including new languages, cultures, and perspectives. As you explore the new country, you gain the advantage of l...

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Highest Paying Part time Jobs Salary in the UK for International Students

All international students will work part-time and full-time within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Students from non-EU countries can work an average of 10 hours per week during the semester and 20 hours per week during the vacations or semester break, depending on the type of visa they have in the UK, which is generally ...

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A Guide to Studying Top-Up Bachelor Degree in the UK

Do you know? Every year, the United Kingdom welcomes around 3,42,000 international students, the majority of them are from South Asian countries! International students who travel to the UK to pursue graduate or postgraduate studies have a choice of over 100 accredited universities. Business and Administrative Studies, Social Studies, Medicine and ...

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Best Places to Study Medicine in the UK

 Ranked amongst the top destinations in the world for international students, it is no surprise that the UK's educational quality is among the best in the world. Considered as one of the best countries with umpteen unique opportunities, the UK is easily an ideal choice for international students. The UK is unquestionably an excellent destinati...

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