Everything You Need to Know About the Go8 – Group of Eight Universities in Australia

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 The Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of eight leading Australian universities, widely considered to be among the most prestigious and research-intensive universities in the country. In this blog post, you will get to read everything you need to know about Go8.

Go8 universities consistently hold the top spots in Australia, under the international rankings. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the Times Higher Education Rankings (THES), and the QS World University Rankings, 7 of the Go8 members are among the top 100 universities in the world, and all eight members are among the top 150 (QS).

The Go8 universities are:

  • Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Sydney
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW)
  • Monash University
  • University of Western Australia (UWA)
  • University of Adelaide

Each of these universities has a unique history, culture, and set of academic programs – yet, they all share a mutual commitment to providing high-quality education, conducting cutting-edge research, and engaging with the broader community.

World Ranking of the Group of Eight Universities

The Go8 universities have a strong presence in international rankings. These are often considered to be the best universities in Australia, and many of them are ranked among the top universities in the world.

Universities 2024 Rankings
The University of Melbourne 14
The University of Sydney 19
University of New South Wales 19
Australian National University 34
The University of Queensland 43
Monash University 42
The University of Western Australia 72
The University of Adelaide 89

Australian National University

The 1946-founded Australian National University (ANU) is renowned for its top-notch research and education. A member of the elite group of 8 universities, it is well-known for its outstanding contributions to research and education. International students at ANU have access to a variety of undergraduate and graduate programmes. The university's main campus houses both research and teaching departments, and 95% of the university's research has benefited numerous companies throughout the world.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, established in 1853, is renowned worldwide for its contributions to teaching, research, and community engagement. For the past 160 years, it has been a research pioneer, with 22 discipline-specific colleges and graduate schools and 6,500 staff members. The university is also well-known for its contributions to research, education, and community engagement. They have cutting-edge educational infrastructure and amenities that benefit students immensely.

The University of Sydney

One of the top public research universities in Australia, the University of Sydney has 3 schools and 6 faculties. Students from more than 130 countries enrol in its undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In addition to being highly acknowledged for being a member of the Group of Eight, the British Daily Telegraph and the American Huffington Post have named this university the most beautiful university in the world.

University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales in Australia is an open research university known for its outstanding research program. It is a part of the elite Go8 institutions and has strong business links, providing student mentorship. It is well-known for being the preferred choice of Australia's top firms and has the most millionaire alumni of any Australian institution. You can study in any one of the university's 8 colleges, 47 schools, or 125 UNSW's external core institutes. 

The University of Queensland

Being a member of the Go8 universities is just one of the University of Queensland's primary strengths. The university also has about 7,000 faculty members and 52,000 students, making it one of Australia's most distinguished educational institutions. The 1909-founded university is home to some of the most well-known professors in the globe as well as state-of-the-art buildings like the Advanced Engineering Building, Oral Health Centre, Pharmacy Australia Center for Excellence, and Boeing Research Facility.

Monash University

Monash University, established in 1958, is a prominent public research university in Melbourne, Australia. For international students, it provides a wide selection of programs and courses. One of the most important aspects of this university is that it enrols international students from over 170 countries and provides outstanding opportunities for technical skill development.

The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia (UWA), with its main campus in Perth, is ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world. One of the university's distinguishing features is its low student-to-teacher ratio, which allows students to receive individualised attention.

The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide, a public university with its headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia, was established in 1874 and is notable for its membership in the elite group of eight Australian universities. It is also one of the top 8 universities in Australia and ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide. In terms of research and education, this university is among the top institutions in the world – as a result of which students from over 100 different nations have enrolled in around 200 different undergraduate and graduate programmes.

Benefits of Studying in Group of Eight Universities:

High-quality education: Go8 universities are known for offering a high-quality education, with smaller class sizes, highly-qualified professors, and access to cutting-edge research.

Strong research focus: Students at Go8 universities have the chance to take part in cutting-edge research initiatives and learn from experts in their field.

International recognition: Go8 universities are recognised globally as leading institutions of higher education, which helps enhance students' career prospects and opportunities for further study.

Access to resources: Go8 universities have access to a wide range of resources and facilities, such as libraries, labs, and other specialised equipment, which further support students' learning and research.

Strong industry connections: Go8 universities have strong partnerships within the industry and research institutions, which can provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience as well as network with potential employers.

Eligibility Requirements to Study in a Go8 University in Australia

Educational qualification: Students must have completed the equivalent of an Australian Year 12 education and have the required grades or scores in the relevant subject areas for the course they wish to study.

English language proficiency: Students must demonstrate that they have a sufficient level of English language proficiency to be able to study at the university. This can be done by submitting test scores from an English language proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Prerequisite coursework: Some courses may require students to have completed a specific prerequisite coursework in order to be eligible to apply.

Application process: Students typically need to apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) or directly to the university, and submit all the required documents, including academic transcripts, test scores, and personal statement.

Meet specific criteria of the program: Some programs may have specific requirements such as a portfolio, interview, or work experience.

It's important to check the specific requirements of each university and course as they may vary.

Here is a checklist of general requirements for applying in Group of Eight Universities:

  • Academic transcripts
  • IELTS and GMAT test results (for an MBA course)
  • If you are considering applying for an MBA or a higher education degree, such as a PhD programme, you may be required to produce work experience certificates or letters outlining your whole work history, including key duties and positions. A detailed CV is also necessary.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Work Experience/CV

If you are planning to apply to one of the group of eight universities, get in touch with AECC Vietnam today. Our expert counsellors will guide you through the whole process.

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