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As one of the most developed nations in the world, Canada has lately gained prominence among the people of developing countries who aspire to have great careers and life in the western world. On one side, Canada flaunts an expansive, breathtaking natural landscape while on the other side, its highly industrious cities are making the country a global economic powerhouse. So, it is no surprise that the country has been consistently classified as one of the top destinations for international students.

We will discuss the cost of studying in Canada as well as the cost of living in Canada for Vietnamese students in this blog. .

When it comes to studying abroad, one of the most cost-effective options in Canada. When compared to other well-known overseas study destinations, the overall cost of studying in Canada is slightly lower, with tuition fees accounting for the majority of the cost. Tuition prices vary by the university in Canada, but it is estimated to be between CAD 20,000 and CAD 30,000. Housing, transportation, food, and health insurance are all part of your living expenses, which will vary depending on the Canadian city in which you choose to live. 

Types of Study CostApproximate Cost
Undergraduate CoursesCAD 12,000 - CAD 25,000
Postgraduate CoursesCAD 18,000 to CAD 27,000
Entrance Exam FeesCAD 310
Canada College Application FeesCAD 50 - CAD 250
Canada Visa Application FeeCAD 100

Cost of Study in Canada for (Bachelor's Degree)

According to Statistics Canada, the average tuition for overseas undergraduate students is CA$29714 (US$22,500) per year. Humanities courses are often the least costly (costing an average of $5,542), but engineering and medicine are among the most expensive (costing an average of CA$21,717 (US$16,446) for dentistry and $14,162 (US$10,724) for medical. The annual fee for business and management courses is CA$6,827 (US$5,170), which is cheaper than the national average. 

ProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in CAD)
Engineering (UG Level)$31201.84
Arts (UG Level)$23268.29
Medicine Courses (UG Level)$30051.30
Nursing Courses (UG Level)$20297.51
Dentistry (UG Level)$52409.47
Humanities, Business & Management (UG Level)$26546.46
Law (UG Level)$30738.19
Diploma Courses (UG Level)$29999.99

Cost of Study in Canada for (Master's Degree) 

Tuition expenses for postgraduate studies are typically lower, however, this varies based on your program. According to Statistics Canada, the average postgraduate tuition cost for international students in 2019/20 is CA$17,744, which is roughly US$13,437; this is a 4% increase from the previous year.

Executive MBA Programs are usually the most costly, averaging approximately CA$56,328 on average, while standard MBAs Cost CA$27,397 on average. (You can read more about studying for an MBA in Canada Here). 

ProgramsAverage Annual Fees (in CAD)
Engineering (PG Level)$17859.06
Arts (PG Level)$13651.88
MBA$36052.98 - $61716.79
Management Courses (PG Level)$22856.16
Medicine Courses (PG Level)$ 17172.17 - $ 25758.26
Nursing Courses (PG Level)$14956.96
Dentistry (PG Level)$20795.50
Law (PG Level)$15970.12

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