Canada student visa requirements for Vietnamese student

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A Canadian university, on average, receives applications from more than 13,000 applicants. In addition, Canada is ranked as the best country to study in by US News Best Countries because of the superior education it offers. Infact, the top 50 universities in the world are all located in Canada according to research from the Times Higher Education's World University Rankings 2021.

Vietnam continues to send a consistent number of students to Canada every year. Before entering Canada, you must get a study permit if you want to enrol in academic, professional, or vocational training at a university, college, or any other educational institution there. Students are given this study permission before they enter Canada, but in order to travel there, they need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa, which is issued by the Canadian High Commission and made possible by the Visa Application Centers. The authorised representative for Canadian visas is VFS Global Services.

Canada accepts more than 642,000 international students each year and comes in third globally behind the United States and Australia in terms of student recruitment. Over 98 notable institutions exist in Canada, and the majority of them are accredited and supported by the government. For foreign students, the country offers globally recognised bachelor's, master's, diplomas, certificates, and doctoral degrees.

Furthermore, studying in Canada has a lot of advantages. Candidates must first learn about the prerequisites for Canadian student visas.

Canadian student visa - An overview

The authorization to study in Canada for a specific academic year is known as a student visa. Students might also work part-time jobs to help pay for their expenditures.

Here, we've offered a comprehensive summary of everything you need to know about Canada study visa requirements, study permits, eligibility conditions, and more. 

Study Permit list for Vietnamese

Candidates need to submit a study permit application to Canada. It is a crucial document that enables international applicants to study at the institution of their choosing. But it's important to keep in mind that an application and a visa are two very different things.

Typically, a study permit is valid for the duration of the candidate's course. However, a 90-day grace period is given to them. They must either get ready to leave during this period or look for full-time work to extend their term of stay.

Qualifications for a Student Visa for Canada

To avoid delays, it is crucial to be aware of the Canada student visa qualifications for 2022 in advance. Below are the eligibility requirements, which have been given for the benefit of the students:

  • Show money:

Candidates must have enough money to cover both living costs and tuition.

  • Clear records :

Candidates must also have a police certificate and have no history of criminal activity.

  • Medical records :

Candidates must obtain the medical exam record to substantiate this, if needed.

At the visa interview, candidates must, however, state that they will depart as soon as their study permission expires.

For a student visa to Canada, you must have IELTS

An internationally recognised exam of proficiency is the International English Language Testing System. It evaluates a candidate's proficiency in four key areas of English communication: reading, listening, speaking, and reading.

Additionally, candidates must get a minimum IELTS score to be admitted to any Canadian university of their choice.

The English language test is important for Canadian students. The IELTS exam is one of the standardised English proficiency tests approved by over 100 countries to process international students' higher education applications. The IELTS exam structure and questions are framed by some of the world's best English language experts to assess the students' language skills.

Candidates should be aware that for undergraduate courses, an overall band score of 6 to 6.5 is required, with a minimum score of 5.5 in each area. For postgraduate courses, students must obtain an overall band score of 6.5 and a minimum score of 6 in each part. This needs to be considered while applying for the IELTS required for a student visa to Canada.

Which English language test Exam for Canada?

To make sure that candidates can communicate and understand English, they are asked to provide proof of language proficiency for the student visa. Thus, the candidates must take the preferred test for immigration to Canada, i.e. IELTS General Training test.

Application for Canada Student Visa

Online applications for student visas to Canada are accepted. However, it is imperative to maintain the necessary paperwork close to hand. You must adhere to the best advice while submitting an application.

Step 1: Register for an account on the Canadian government's website. You will benefit from the account because you can monitor the progress of your application.

Step 2: Describe the programme and organisation you are applying to in writing.

Step 3: Log in using the information you were sent through email.

Step 4: After the necessary documents have been submitted, pay the CAD $150 visa charge.

Step 5: Submit and monitor the status of your visa application.

At the conclusion of your application, they will ask you to pay your fees.

Third-party fees

Depending on your situation, you may need to pay third parties for:

  • Medical exams
  • Police certificates
  • Language testing
  • Services at a visa application centre, if you use one

You won't pay these fees in your online account. You'll pay them directly to the third party.

Cost of biometrics

Most of the time, you should include a biometrics fee with your application. Otherwise, there can be delays. The cost of taking a digital photo and gathering fingerprints is covered by the biometrics charge. Ascertain whether you must provide your biometrics.

Canada Student Visa Fees

Candidates must pay a CAD $150 application fee, according to the Citizenship and Immigration Department of Canada.

The service and value-added fees are not included in this calculation, which is VND 2727627.86.You have the option of paying the fees online or offline. If payment is to be made offline, go to the Canadian High Commissioner or the Visa Application Centre. The payment receipt can be kept as proof of payment.

Candidates must additionally pay a biometric fee. You must complete this procedure when applying for a student visa to Canada. It will cost you approximately CAD $85.

Processing Time for Canada Student Visa

You need to have a good concept of how long it can take to receive the final approval before applying for a Canada Study Permit. This really makes the process of applying for a visa much easier and less stressful.

It might take two to four weeks, maybe even longer. Only until the Canadian authorities have received your complete application will your visa begin to be processed. The processing period will be extended if they require you to deliver them more documentation.

However, this is only a rough estimate. Vietnam's processing time for Canadian student visas can be considerably influenced by a range of circumstances.

Now that the process to apply for a student visa, the necessity of a student permit and the IELTS requirement for Canadian Universities is explained in great detail to you, what are you waiting for? Studying in Canada will be one of the best investments you'll ever make. However, you might need help with university shortlisting and many such things. Get in touch with one of our expert counsellors and stay ahead of the curve!


1.What intake is best for enrolment in Canadian Universities?

The majority of students prefer the fall intake as it gives them the time to be conversant with the environment and the academics.

2.What are the requirements for a student visa in Canada?

Candidates must carry these essential documents while applying for a student visa in Canada:

  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Valid Passport
  • English Language Proficiency Score
  • SOP
  • Acceptance Letter by the Designated Learning Institution
  • Immigration Medical Examination

3.How much is the student visa fee for Canada?

The student visa fees is CAD $150.

4. What can I do if my Canadian student visa is denied?

If the study permit is refused for valid reasons (for example, if the applicant failed to include any of the required documents), then the best option is to submit a new application after ensuring that the errors are addressed.

5.Does Canada give student visas easily?

While many students think receiving a letter of acceptance is the hardest part of the pre-study abroad process, it can be even more difficult to land a student visa. Unfortunately, it isn't uncommon for students to have their application for a Canadian visa rejected.

6. How long does it take to receive the Canadian study permit?

After applying for your Canadian study permit, the processing time may take up to 90 days, but it's usually faster. This also depends on the situation in your home country. You can use the Student Direct Stream to get the study permit faster.

7. Is IELTS compulsory for a Canadian student visa?

It is accepted by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess the English proficiency of the immigrant. If you are planning to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate level programmes, the IELTS requirement for Canada student visa is mandatory.

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