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Securing an Australian student visa need not be a hassle anymore. The Australian government is looking to clear the visa backlogs to make the process simpler and seamless. Find out all you need to know about the process of applying for an Australian student visa, processing times, and tips to increase your chances of securing a student visa right here!

As renowned international universities have their fall intakes happening around the months of August and September, you might be wondering about the processing times, cost, post-graduate work and other rights that come with it.

AECC Global Vietnam is here to list out all that you need to know about applying for an Australian Student Visa. The Australian student visa or the subclass 500 would allow you to study and work for a period of up to five years in Australia. If you apply for an Australian student visa (subclass 500), you can:

  1. Study a course if you meet the admission requirements.
  2. Apply for dependant visas along with the principal visa application.
  3. Apply for a visa from anywhere in the world.
  4. Work up to a period of forty hours a week.

Eligibility to apply for an Australian Student Visa 

  1. You must be six years or older to apply.
  2. You must provide evidence, i.e. the Confirmation of Enrollment at a CRICOS-registered university.
  3. Show evidence of being adept at English in the form of an IELTS, TOEFL or a Duolingo score.
  4. You must be covered by the Overseas Student Health Cover.
  5. Show financial capacity to pay for your stay and study.

Processing Time and Procedure to Apply for an Australian Student Visa 

Applying for your Australian student visa should be done as soon as possible, and no later than six weeks before your course begins. The application process may take some time, so beginning it early is crucial.

Here is a step-by-step process of applying for an Australian Student Visa:

  1. Create an account on the official website of the Australian Visa portal.
  2. Start filling out the application form for the Australian subclass 500 Visa.
  3. Upon filling out the form, you would be prompted to upload your documents.
  4. You will now get a unique ID which you can use to check your visa status.

Australian Study Visa - List of forms needed to apply for a student visa 

  1. Student visa application form or the Form 157 which entails the details of your career and study details.
  2. Form 67 which entails the details of your family and relatives in Vietnam and Australia.
  3. Passport.
  4. Photos of a specific size (4X6 cm).
  5. A notarised copy of your household registration book is required. All pages of the book must be included.
  6. A detailed account of one's educational background and professional experience.
  7. A notarised copy of your birth certificate.
  8. Marriage certificate, if you are married.
  9. If you have worked before, you will need to provide documents that prove it. This can include an employment contract, certificate from your company stating your job and how long you have worked there.
  10. Confirmation letter from the university you have applied for.
  11. Proof of health insurance.
  12. Copies of recent degree, diplomas etc.
  13. Scholarship certificate, if any.

Australian student visa processing level 

The cost of an Australian student visa for Vietnam nationals depends on the level of risk associated with the application. There are three levels of risk, with level 1 being the least risky and level 3 being the most risky. The cost also varies depending on the embassy you apply at.

The levels are explained below:

  1. Level 1: Whether you're planning to pursue a doctorate or master's degree, taking an English course first can help you transfer into the program of your choice down the road. The SVP (or the Streamline Visa Processing program) at 41 universities across Australia makes it easy to transition from an English course into a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree program, or even a pre-university/college program. You will need to demonstrate that you have the financial and personal resources available to attend the school, but no English proficiency certificate is required.
  2. Level 2: This level is for international students who are transferring from a pre-university or college course to a university. This level is only applicable to students who are not in the SVP program. You will need to show that your family can cover your studies and living costs within one year. You do not need to provide an English certificate.
  3. Level 3: This level is applicable to vocational, college, pre-university, and English courses. To be eligible for a student visa, you must demonstrate that your family has the financial resources to cover your tuition and living expenses for one year. Additionally, you must provide evidence of three months' worth of savings in a bank account. Lastly, you must achieve a minimum score of 4.5 on the IELTS or equivalent TOEFL score.

Review timeline for an Australian Student visa 

Review 50 % application decided within 75% application decided within
Level 1 7 Days 14 days
Level 214 days21 days
Level 360 days90 days

Applying for an Australian student visa can be a time-consuming process, but there are a few things you can do to help speed things along. First, have a medical examination and gather all the required information before submitting your application. Additionally, if the Australian consulate requests additional information or evidence, be sure to submit these items as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing. It is always a good idea to provide an email address so that the consular officer can contact you more easily in case additional documents are needed..

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