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What is GPA Score? An Expert Guide


If you plan to study abroad, you will be aware of the importance of good study habits and grades. Good grades in high school give you many opportunities. Some of those opportunities are scholarships, a better chance of entering graduate school, and acceptance into a major. Now, what constitutes a good grade in high school? Is there a number on it? Well, this largely depends on what you set out to achieve in college. Speaking of achievements, GPA is an indicator of a student's academic achievement.x

Do you know what is GPA score? Do you wish to learn more about GPA conversion, GPA grading scale, and the like?

If you are planning to study abroad, it is very much essential that you learn about the academic requirements. You can read the blog further to learn more about interpreting GPA, GPA trends, etc.

Definition of GPA

The term GPA stands for Grade Point Average, a grading system element used at secondary and tertiary educational levels to measure the academic achievement and performance of a student. As a student seeking admission to a university, your GPA is the average of the grades you get in high school. Calculating it requires converting the grades you get for each project, assignment, and exam into a percentage. The GPA grading scale accepted internationally is a 0–4 scale, where F represents the lowest grade and a represents the highest.

Importance of GPA

Admissions officers at international universities will look at your GPA to determine your academic eligibility for their courses. Some international universities only consider an applicant's GPA to determine their eligibility, but others may look at their ACT or SAT scores, essays, and interview performance as well.

Further, you can receive financial aid and scholarships from any college or university based on your GPA. A student with a good GPA may qualify for additional scholarships, which helps lower the cost of tuition and other costs.

Role of GPA in College Admissions

If you wish to study at a reputed university or college GPA is an important factor that will be considered for your admission eligibility. Annual surveys by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) show that admission committees of several colleges and universities stress having a good GPA score. Additionally, GPA is considered the fourth important factor that is considered for university admission abroad. Though it is not the only criterion to secure admission, it is indeed important to get an acceptable score.

GPA and Scholarship Opportunities

Getting a good GPA is obviously a prerequisite for getting admission to your preferred university abroad. Apart from this, there are plenty of scholarships for those of you who secure a high GPA. A few such scholarships are listed below.

  • Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship
  • Dell Scholars Program
  • Clubs of America Scholarship Award
  • Cameron Impact Scholarship
  • Massachusetts State Scholarship

Impact of GPA on Career

Although it cannot be said that there is a direct correlation between your GPA and your career, GPA has a role to play in opening career pathways for you. This is because a high GPA score shows that you can multi-task, are responsible, dedicated, and know the course material. If you plan to do internships or general employment, your GPA score will be equally important as your skills, attitude, and training.

The GPA Scale

Your GPA is calculated by dividing your grades obtained across the total number of courses taken. As mentioned above, the GPA scoring scale is 0-4. Additionally, the scoring system will vary for different countries, and you should check the country-specific classification to get a detailed idea of the same.

Understanding the GPA Scale

The GPA scoring scale ranges from 0-4, and different scores mean different grades. You will find a detailed explanation of the numeric and letter grade equivalents of GPA in the table below. It will help you understand better.

Numeric Grade

Letter Grade










Below 60


How to Calculate GPA?

We have provided an example below for your convenience.

Your GPA is worked out with the grades that you get during your studies. 


Credit Hrs


Point for Grades

Weighted Grade Points





3 x 3= 9





5 x 4 = 20





4×4= 16





3 x 3 =9


Total = 15


Total = 54

GPA = 54/15

GPA = 3.6

GPA in Different Countries

The GPA system varies for different countries and you should learn about the criteria followed by each country. Interpreting GPA is quite easy and you should simply learn about the GPA grading system in your country first. As it is not easy to provide the GPA conversion for all the countries here, you can refer to the official websites of the respective countries and universities for detailed information.

International GPA Conversion

The formula to find GPA remains the same in all cases. You will find the GPA conversion formula above. The only change is on the numerical and letter grading points.

We hope to have answered your question "What is GPA score?" If you have any further doubts or questions, you can contact AECC. We have expert professionals to guide you through all the processes of studying abroad. From choosing the best course for you to visa application guidance, we offer end-to-end assistance for FREE.

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